MVC Framework for write amazing Web Apps with CoffeeScript...

... and same Class as a Gentleman.
Download version 1.0.0 $bower install monocle use bower package manager for install manually.

I'm Monocle

I'm made to work seamlessly with CoffeeScript, a simple and elegant language. With me all your applications will be pure verbosity and poetry. If you also want to use me in old-school mode with the all powerful of JavaScript.

With me you have a simple and powerful structure to make the most of your web applications. An application consists of three work contexts: Model, View and Controller, developers usually call it the MVC pattern. These three contexts are equally important and each has its full integrity giving responsibility to your application.

I'm built to work with the most famous libraries of the web development. If your project is desktop you can use me with jQuery and if on the contrary it is a mobile project I will perfectly mixed with QuoJS or Zepto.


Javi Jimenez Villar

Javi is the CTO and founder at Tapquo. A restless mind that always strives for continuous improvement, able to create frameworks like Atoms, Lungo, Monocle or TukTuk used by thousands of developers around the world.

Tapquo was founded in 2011, since then we’ve launched products for developers around the world. Fueled by creativity, the people that make up tapquo are the type of folks you'd pick first for a recess kickball game. In our code tribe are six developers, three in frontend, two in backend, one craftsman and all are passionated with the 'clean-code'.